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Seven - 7 Easy steps to increase Blog Traffic

  1. Publish good content, fill your blog with spesific theme that will catch people to read and come over and over again.
  2. "X-change visit" by visiting another blog and ask the blog owner to visit back to your blog.
  3. "link X-change" - add link to larger blog and another blog which has same topic with yours.
  4. Join forum and expose your blog. There are so many forum available on the internet, join interesting forum and add your blog-link every time your post a thread or just reply another post in a forum.
  5. Use tags - tagging posts with descriptive words that describe the post's content in a clear, concise manner you make it easier for your readers to find the content they're looking for and maybe even return to your blog in the future.
  6. Include images. Blogs that contain line after line of text can be daunting to a new reader, so break up the monotony with photos, cartoons, diagrams or other images that relate to your blog's content - but remember not to flooding your blog with that image.
  7. Track your blog's traffic. Blog add-ons like Sitemeter or other hit counter services allow bloggers to see who visits their page and where they came from.

Grow your blog with Entrecard and Entrecard-contest

This is exciting! You can use Entrecard to help your blog grow. With Entrecard, you will not only find a signicant amount of quality targeted traffics coming your way for free, but you will discover a whole new way to advertise on thousands of blogs.

Entrecard utilizes a virtual currency called Entrecard Credits, or “EC” for short. You will earn EC in a variety of ways that do not cost you any money. With the EC that you earn, you can purchase advertisements on thousands of blogs, or shop for hundreds of products and services in our virtual marketplace.

What you need to do ?
  1. Register at http://entrecard.com
  2. Placing the Widget on your Blog: login to your entrecard.com to get your widget code, then copy it to your blog. this is an example for my widget;
  3. Earn Entrecard credit by visit another blog that has entrecard, then click "drop" on their widget (you also can earn credit by buy credit in entrecard or receive entracards ads from other member).
If you would like to know more about entrecard, you can download entercard_official_ebook here: Link (free for you)


Several sponsor in entrecard held an entrecard-contest for entrecard member of course, they will give great prize for the winner - I am very glad if i could earn 5000ec credit from Q3-n (thanks q3-n, i am very sorry about your 1950s dinette furniture :D... is that true? ), read bellow:

Sponsor and prize

Fantasy Baseball - 10,000ec — You can trade in 10,000ec for, like, Graham’s car or something.
Q3-n - 5000ec — Q3-n is selling their 1950s dinette furniture to finance this contest. They say, “You’re welcome.”
Øblog - 4000ec — Wow! 4000ec is going for like $30 on the Entrecard market. Thanks, Weird Oh.
Evil Woobie - 3000ec — Hey, maybe she’s not so evil after all! Or is she? You make the call!
Turnip of Power - 1001ec — He was going to go with 1000 then he found an extra credit in his couch. Thanks, Turnip!
Celebrity Pictures - 1000ec — Credits were acquired through legal means. Supposedly.
Evil Entrecard Kid! - 1000ec — Entrecard trivia: Evil Woobie and Evil Entrecard Kid are not related. Yet.
Modern Glam - 1000ec — With the 1000ec, perhaps you’ll buy an imaginary 1000ec pashmina and hang it around your virtual neck.
Dot Com Mogul - 1000ec — With this 1000ec, you might be able to buy back Q3-n’s dinette furniture.
Blabberwocky - 1000ec — It’s a play on Jabberwocky.
Looking For Scoop - 1000ec — Nothing says “I can buy one popular ad” like 1000ec.
Eyespi20.com - 1000ec — And she’ll teach you how she does that weird signature thing. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, look at her site.
Travelin’ Show - 1000ec — Message from the year 2012: Macy’s is now taking credits and a 1000 gets you one earring.
The Hypnotist - 1000ec — She will put you under a spell. Recognize!
Diet Pulpit - 1000ec — You can buy a lot of imaginary rice cakes with 1000ec. Side note, imaginary rice cakes taste better than real ones.
The Realtor - 500ec — You want insight. Listen to her write. It’s like magic beans growing in the backyard of your brain.
Romelo - 500ec — Romelo, Romelo, wherefore art thou 500ec?
WebATBP.com - 500ec — With gas prices soaring, it won’t be too long before 500ec goes for 501ec.
Inspire Emotion - 500ec — Almost pay for your favorite 512ec ad!
Sue Doe-Nim - 500ec — She’ll probably give you the credits then mock you for wanting them. That’s right — bonus!
Thailand Land of Smiles - 500ec — Actually, that’s 500 smiles.
FitnessLifeClub - 500ec — You’ll have to promise not to blow these credits on any fattening foods.
Lisa Cooking - 500ec — Surprise the whole family with 500 Entrecard credits.
JunkieYard Dot Com - 500ec — If you put these credits in a 401K, in 45 years you’ll have enough credits for a free e-card.
Movie Reviews - 500ec — You can’t buy a movie ticket with Entrecard credits. Yet. (Graham twirls his mustache. Contemplating world domination.)

Prize that are not credit

Aerten Art - She’s donating a painting. Seriously. Go look at her site and tell me you wouldn’t want a painting. Now. We’ll wait.
ImpNERD - 125×125 ad for a month — Let’s see, ImpNERD usually sells advertising for 256ec/day. You get this for a month. Um, yeah, you want this.
PoemsofQuotes - A cheesy poem about the winner’s topic — Win this and then ask them to rhyme something with, “Orange.”
Eyespi20.com - A custom made 125×125 card. Some of you need this. You know who you are.
Diet Pulpit - One week ad spot right below the banner and a personal greeting from Lady Rose saying, “Congratulations!”
JunkieYard Dot Com - Three blogroll links. Okay, the thing is, you can’t just get these. They’re prizes only won here.
The Hypnotist - A Hypnotic Audio - I don’t think this will simply be trance music. I could be wrong.

Together this is a virtual truckload of credits and prizes. (But who’s counting?) There will be ONE WINNER for EACH prize. (Caps are for emphasis, not aesthetics.) So that means there will be hundreds (or maybe dozens) of winners. Wow. Okay, again and backwards — wow.

How to Enter ?

If you want to participate on this contest you can see more info Here

Ten Ways To Make Money on Your Blog

Ten Ways To Make Money on Your Blog


Don't just stick a bunch of links or photos on your blog. People love to have a story read or told to them. Think back to when you were a child. There was nothing better than to have a bed time story read to you. It's still the same thing. Adults love to hear a good story. It takes their mind off of there own life or problems. Unless you are some big shot reporter, people wont keep coming back to hear what you have to say. Make stories compelling, and, most of all, relatable.


This has everything to do with Branding (which by the way is a huge topic within itself). Find your voice and brand it, whether it's through writing about one particular topic within your expertise such as (travel, dog walking, cooking, etc..) or about several different related topics. People are more likely to remember your blog if it offers something unique.


That means keeping your visual aesthetics simple. Using bold. or italicized words help draw the eye to a particular point that you want to make. Just don't use bold or italics excessively. You will lose your effect and momentum. Keep your sentences short and concise. Use two spaces between sentences. Nothing is harder on the eyes than excessive writing in bold letters, and runon sentences. OUCH!


It is a lot easier to connect with people on an emotional level if you show a personal side to your writing, rather than some mechanical automated web page. Remember story telling? Let visitors know what's up with you, and how it relates to your topic of conversation. Emotions sell!


Forget that you are writing an article. Think about when you are writing to your friend by email, or a snail mail letter, and you have some cool information to tell them. Do you address the letter formally as you would a future contact at a large organization, or is the email a lot cozier? Keep it light and watch your viewership rise.


The number one thing that your visitors are looking for is information. Don't let them down. Keep the information simple, and restrict it to the topic that you have chosen for your headline. See # 7.


Headlines SELL, and it is the #1 way to capture your audience, to continue reading your blog. Spending a lot of time on your headline will pay you back in spades. You can start by checking out top magazines, and newspapers. Save the front page of these publications and put them into a file for further use when you are ready to write your headline. Use these headlines, but change it a little to match your article.


Does your expertise lend itself to teaching your visitors about a certain subject (How to do "anything")? People love instructions. This will let your visitors know that you are the expertise in your topic, and hopefully they will want to learn more through education. Educate them, and prosper.


Don't really have anything to sell? No problem. Write about someone else's product or service, and collect an affiliate income. Write with passion and consistency. People are only going to read if you are passionate about it. Affiliate income is big business, and blogging for income is a great way to make it happen.


Thats Right! If you want to learn "How to Make Money on Your Blog", continue reading, researching, learning, educate yourself. It is the only way to make things happen. Knowledge is irreplaceable. Once you have it, nothing can stop you. Join groups, read other blogs, pay for lessons. Do what you have to do to make it happen.

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