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Seven - 7 Easy steps to increase Blog Traffic

  1. Publish good content, fill your blog with spesific theme that will catch people to read and come over and over again.
  2. "X-change visit" by visiting another blog and ask the blog owner to visit back to your blog.
  3. "link X-change" - add link to larger blog and another blog which has same topic with yours.
  4. Join forum and expose your blog. There are so many forum available on the internet, join interesting forum and add your blog-link every time your post a thread or just reply another post in a forum.
  5. Use tags - tagging posts with descriptive words that describe the post's content in a clear, concise manner you make it easier for your readers to find the content they're looking for and maybe even return to your blog in the future.
  6. Include images. Blogs that contain line after line of text can be daunting to a new reader, so break up the monotony with photos, cartoons, diagrams or other images that relate to your blog's content - but remember not to flooding your blog with that image.
  7. Track your blog's traffic. Blog add-ons like Sitemeter or other hit counter services allow bloggers to see who visits their page and where they came from.

Grow your blog with Entrecard and Entrecard-contest

This is exciting! You can use Entrecard to help your blog grow. With Entrecard, you will not only find a signicant amount of quality targeted traffics coming your way for free, but you will discover a whole new way to advertise on thousands of blogs.

Entrecard utilizes a virtual currency called Entrecard Credits, or “EC” for short. You will earn EC in a variety of ways that do not cost you any money. With the EC that you earn, you can purchase advertisements on thousands of blogs, or shop for hundreds of products and services in our virtual marketplace.

What you need to do ?
  1. Register at http://entrecard.com
  2. Placing the Widget on your Blog: login to your entrecard.com to get your widget code, then copy it to your blog. this is an example for my widget;
  3. Earn Entrecard credit by visit another blog that has entrecard, then click "drop" on their widget (you also can earn credit by buy credit in entrecard or receive entracards ads from other member).
If you would like to know more about entrecard, you can download entercard_official_ebook here: Link (free for you)


Several sponsor in entrecard held an entrecard-contest for entrecard member of course, they will give great prize for the winner - I am very glad if i could earn 5000ec credit from Q3-n (thanks q3-n, i am very sorry about your 1950s dinette furniture :D... is that true? ), read bellow:

Sponsor and prize

Fantasy Baseball - 10,000ec — You can trade in 10,000ec for, like, Graham’s car or something.
Q3-n - 5000ec — Q3-n is selling their 1950s dinette furniture to finance this contest. They say, “You’re welcome.”
Øblog - 4000ec — Wow! 4000ec is going for like $30 on the Entrecard market. Thanks, Weird Oh.
Evil Woobie - 3000ec — Hey, maybe she’s not so evil after all! Or is she? You make the call!
Turnip of Power - 1001ec — He was going to go with 1000 then he found an extra credit in his couch. Thanks, Turnip!
Celebrity Pictures - 1000ec — Credits were acquired through legal means. Supposedly.
Evil Entrecard Kid! - 1000ec — Entrecard trivia: Evil Woobie and Evil Entrecard Kid are not related. Yet.
Modern Glam - 1000ec — With the 1000ec, perhaps you’ll buy an imaginary 1000ec pashmina and hang it around your virtual neck.
Dot Com Mogul - 1000ec — With this 1000ec, you might be able to buy back Q3-n’s dinette furniture.
Blabberwocky - 1000ec — It’s a play on Jabberwocky.
Looking For Scoop - 1000ec — Nothing says “I can buy one popular ad” like 1000ec.
Eyespi20.com - 1000ec — And she’ll teach you how she does that weird signature thing. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, look at her site.
Travelin’ Show - 1000ec — Message from the year 2012: Macy’s is now taking credits and a 1000 gets you one earring.
The Hypnotist - 1000ec — She will put you under a spell. Recognize!
Diet Pulpit - 1000ec — You can buy a lot of imaginary rice cakes with 1000ec. Side note, imaginary rice cakes taste better than real ones.
The Realtor - 500ec — You want insight. Listen to her write. It’s like magic beans growing in the backyard of your brain.
Romelo - 500ec — Romelo, Romelo, wherefore art thou 500ec?
WebATBP.com - 500ec — With gas prices soaring, it won’t be too long before 500ec goes for 501ec.
Inspire Emotion - 500ec — Almost pay for your favorite 512ec ad!
Sue Doe-Nim - 500ec — She’ll probably give you the credits then mock you for wanting them. That’s right — bonus!
Thailand Land of Smiles - 500ec — Actually, that’s 500 smiles.
FitnessLifeClub - 500ec — You’ll have to promise not to blow these credits on any fattening foods.
Lisa Cooking - 500ec — Surprise the whole family with 500 Entrecard credits.
JunkieYard Dot Com - 500ec — If you put these credits in a 401K, in 45 years you’ll have enough credits for a free e-card.
Movie Reviews - 500ec — You can’t buy a movie ticket with Entrecard credits. Yet. (Graham twirls his mustache. Contemplating world domination.)

Prize that are not credit

Aerten Art - She’s donating a painting. Seriously. Go look at her site and tell me you wouldn’t want a painting. Now. We’ll wait.
ImpNERD - 125×125 ad for a month — Let’s see, ImpNERD usually sells advertising for 256ec/day. You get this for a month. Um, yeah, you want this.
PoemsofQuotes - A cheesy poem about the winner’s topic — Win this and then ask them to rhyme something with, “Orange.”
Eyespi20.com - A custom made 125×125 card. Some of you need this. You know who you are.
Diet Pulpit - One week ad spot right below the banner and a personal greeting from Lady Rose saying, “Congratulations!”
JunkieYard Dot Com - Three blogroll links. Okay, the thing is, you can’t just get these. They’re prizes only won here.
The Hypnotist - A Hypnotic Audio - I don’t think this will simply be trance music. I could be wrong.

Together this is a virtual truckload of credits and prizes. (But who’s counting?) There will be ONE WINNER for EACH prize. (Caps are for emphasis, not aesthetics.) So that means there will be hundreds (or maybe dozens) of winners. Wow. Okay, again and backwards — wow.

How to Enter ?

If you want to participate on this contest you can see more info Here

Ten Ways To Make Money on Your Blog

Ten Ways To Make Money on Your Blog


Don't just stick a bunch of links or photos on your blog. People love to have a story read or told to them. Think back to when you were a child. There was nothing better than to have a bed time story read to you. It's still the same thing. Adults love to hear a good story. It takes their mind off of there own life or problems. Unless you are some big shot reporter, people wont keep coming back to hear what you have to say. Make stories compelling, and, most of all, relatable.


This has everything to do with Branding (which by the way is a huge topic within itself). Find your voice and brand it, whether it's through writing about one particular topic within your expertise such as (travel, dog walking, cooking, etc..) or about several different related topics. People are more likely to remember your blog if it offers something unique.


That means keeping your visual aesthetics simple. Using bold. or italicized words help draw the eye to a particular point that you want to make. Just don't use bold or italics excessively. You will lose your effect and momentum. Keep your sentences short and concise. Use two spaces between sentences. Nothing is harder on the eyes than excessive writing in bold letters, and runon sentences. OUCH!


It is a lot easier to connect with people on an emotional level if you show a personal side to your writing, rather than some mechanical automated web page. Remember story telling? Let visitors know what's up with you, and how it relates to your topic of conversation. Emotions sell!


Forget that you are writing an article. Think about when you are writing to your friend by email, or a snail mail letter, and you have some cool information to tell them. Do you address the letter formally as you would a future contact at a large organization, or is the email a lot cozier? Keep it light and watch your viewership rise.


The number one thing that your visitors are looking for is information. Don't let them down. Keep the information simple, and restrict it to the topic that you have chosen for your headline. See # 7.


Headlines SELL, and it is the #1 way to capture your audience, to continue reading your blog. Spending a lot of time on your headline will pay you back in spades. You can start by checking out top magazines, and newspapers. Save the front page of these publications and put them into a file for further use when you are ready to write your headline. Use these headlines, but change it a little to match your article.


Does your expertise lend itself to teaching your visitors about a certain subject (How to do "anything")? People love instructions. This will let your visitors know that you are the expertise in your topic, and hopefully they will want to learn more through education. Educate them, and prosper.


Don't really have anything to sell? No problem. Write about someone else's product or service, and collect an affiliate income. Write with passion and consistency. People are only going to read if you are passionate about it. Affiliate income is big business, and blogging for income is a great way to make it happen.


Thats Right! If you want to learn "How to Make Money on Your Blog", continue reading, researching, learning, educate yourself. It is the only way to make things happen. Knowledge is irreplaceable. Once you have it, nothing can stop you. Join groups, read other blogs, pay for lessons. Do what you have to do to make it happen.

Auto Responder

What is an Autoresponder?

An autoresponder can be defined as a program that sends out a single automatic reply in response to an email to a specific email address. Many of us have either received an autoresponder message or used one before. Examples are messages like: "I am on vacation" or "I received your email."
Most web hosts offer this type of single-reply autoresponder free in the email accounts that come with their hosting package. The problem with this type of autoresponder is that it is designed to send out only a simple one-message reply to whatever emails it receives. This is often not enough to maintain the continued contact or to deliver the content you want to offer your visitors. Besides, it also lacks some important features needed to do proper follow-ups. For example, it cannot add prospects to a subscriber list and then send them a series of personalized, follow-up messages.

Why Use an Autoresponder?

According to successful internet marketers, good follow-ups with prospects will dramatically increase the number of sales. First time visitors to your site who requested additional information (or free software or ebook) have an obvious interest in your products or services. But the time may be too short for them to make the decision.
However, it is important to know that these people are your real prospects. They are usually more receptive to whatever messages you send them about your products or services. You must therefore capture their contact information including name and email address and enter them into your prospect database for you to begin the follow-up process.

How to Use Your Autoresponder?

Following are the correct ways to do follow-up using your autoresponder:
  1. You must follow up quickly with new prospects by sending them a message reminding them about your products or services.
  2. You must take the initiatives to contact your prospects at regular intervals. Never ignore your prospects or they will go somewhere else.
  3. You must patiently take the time to establish rapport with your prospects by offering them free help and advice.
  4. Address all their concerns by answering their queries promptly and accurately.
  5. You must take time and effort to build the trust and establish value in your products and services.
  6. You must demonstrate your professionalism and the knowledge you have in whatever you do.
  7. You must show to them that you have anticipated their needs and you have whatever they need.
  8. You must convince them that they want to buy from you, and not from your competitors. Demonstrate the value and benefits of your products or services.
  9. Provide your prospect with the assurance they need about your product or services including your warranty if any.
  10. Tell them your product is easy to use or install and offer them free additional help if necessary.
  11. Explain how easy it is to order from your site and how the products or services will be delivered to them.
  12. Constantly remind your prospects about your products or services and invite them to return to your site for more visits.
What You Use Your Autoresponder For?

Never ignore your prospects just because you do not have the time to personally follow-up with them. Use an autoresponder to automate the tasks and to gain continued access to your prospects.

What do you use an Autoresponder for?

Following are some of the common uses of an autoresponder:

1. Collect Email Addresses
An autoresponder can be used to collect email addresses through an online form or directly from incoming emails, and automatically start the follow-up process.

2. Ezine and Newsletter Delivery
An autoresponder can be used to send periodic ezines and newsletters while automatically accepting and removing registrations. You can use an autoresponder to collect email addresses for your ezine which allows you continued access to your subscribers.

3. Free eCourses or Downloads
You can offer free multi-part ecourses or free ebook/software downloads as an incentive for your visitors to leave their email addresses. A great way to increase your site traffic.

4. Email Reminder
You can send follow-up messages to your visitors to remind them of what you sell and what benefits they get.

5. Offer Related Information
Offer your subscribers information closely related to their topic of interest. For example, if they are interested in cars, they are likely to be interested in car accessories as well.

6. Offer Promotional Coupon
You can offer promotional coupons, discount vouchers or other incentives via email for use with your product or service.

7. Soft Selling
You can "soft-sell" to your potential customers by offering freebies and special information.

8. Sales Tool
Use your autoresponder as a sales tool by writing multiple automated email messages to sell your products and services around the clock- 24 hrs a day x 365 days a year!

9. After Sales Service
Follow-Up with your customers after closing a sale to make sure they're happy with what they have purchased. You can also use this technique to inform them of any new products, services or special deals that you have available.

10, Customer's Feedback
You can use an autoresponder as a way of getting customers feedback. You can send them a thankyou message after receiving their feedback.

11. Post Sales Confirmation
If your product is not an instant delivery product or is pricy, use the autoresponder to avoid buyer's remorse.

12. Up-Selling
Entice customers who purchased basic packages from you, to upgrade to ones with more features or facilities, by sending them a series of up-sell messages.

13. Direct Email Advertising
You can use an autoresponder to send out direct email advertising messages- provided you have the permission from the recipients to do so.

14. MLM / Associates Programs
Use the autoresponder in any MLM / Associates program to give your downline members a powerful tool in their sales arsenal.

15. Viral Marketing
Use your autoresponder as a viral marketing sales tool. Utilize the ability to give away autoresponder accounts to supercharge your income stream.

16. Motivational Messages
Send a series of motivational messages to people in your sales organization with the autoresponder.

17. Frequently Asked Questions
Instead of answering the same customer questions by email, publish a "Frequently Asked Questions" in autoresponder format to save time and effort.

18. Download Back Issues of Ezine
Let your subscribers download back issues of your ezine using autoresponder.

19. Other uses and applications.
There are hundreds of possible uses of an autoresponder. The list is only limited by your own creativity. So the possibilities are endless.

SEO TIPs - Squeeze Every Cent of Profit From Your Pay-Per-Click Marketing

SEO TIPs - Squeeze Every Cent of Profit From Your Pay-Per-Click Marketing (By IMC owner, Derek Gehl)

I love pay-per-click marketing! There are few forms of online advertising that offer such complete control over where you spend your advertising dollars.

But despite the ability to control Google Adwords and Yahoo! Search Marketing gives you over your ads — how much you spend on them, where and when they appear, etc. — I’m constantly meeting savvy Internet marketers who are wasting tons of unnecessary money on their pay-per-click campaigns because they are either…

a) Making "okay" money from their campaigns and too lazy to do the work to make them really successful
– or –
b) They just don’t know any better!

No matter how you’re doing with YOUR pay-per-click efforts, here are 4 tips that you can start applying today to fine-tune your campaigns and boost your ROI.

Tip #1: Keywords… keywords… keywords!

Even if your business targets an extremely narrow niche market, your campaign should begin with at least 100 keywords.

I have yet to come across a niche market for which we couldn’t find that many keywords for the initial round of testing. In fact, the majority of businesses I deal with start in the range of 500-1000 keywords!

If it sounds like a huge challenge to come up with that many keywords, don’t worry.

With tools like Wordtracker and Google’s Keyword Evaluator, you don’t have to come up with the keywords on your own. All you have to do is identify a core list of keywords and then let technology do the work for you.

Now, is every single one of those keywords going to make you money? Nope! Some will bomb horribly.

But I’ll talk about how you deal with that in a second…

Tip #2: Never stop testing new ads

When you first start your pay-per-click campaigns, you should be writing at least five different ads for each keyword group.

Note: a "keyword group" is a cluster of closely related keywords that say exactly the same thing, in slightly different ways.

For example, a keyword group for a site promoting a bed and breakfast in El Paso,

Texas could include:

El Paso bed and breakfast
El Paso bed and breakfasts
Bed and breakfast El Paso
Bed and breakfasts El Paso Texas

El Paso BandB
BandBs El Paso
B and Bs El Paso
B and Bs El Paso Texas
B and Bs El Paso Texas

El Paso bed and breakfasts
B and B El Paso
El Paso Texas bed and breakfast
Bed and breakfast El Paso Texas

… and so on.

(As you can see, the variations between each keyword phrase are very slight.)

Once you’ve written your five plus ads for your keyword group, run them all at the same time. Keep them going until you get enough impressions to determine which one is the winner — and then roll out the winning ad across the entire group.

aces.jpgCongratulations… you now have a winning ad!

But don’t stop now… continue to work on your ads and try to come up with one that will beat your current front runner. If you beat your winning ad, roll-out the new ad across your keyword group and then try and beat that ad.

Then keep on repeating this testing cycle indefinitely, to ensure you’re always running the best possible ad you can.

Tip #3: Design targeted landing pages for each keyword group

Nothing will turn a visitor into a customer faster than a message that tells them exactly what they want to hear. So, if I have multiple keyword groups that target different themes, each ad should be driving visitors to a landing page with salescopy that reflects the theme of a single keyword group.

For example, if different themes an El Paso bed and breakfast owner could try targeting might be:

"family friendly bed and breakfast el Paso" or "el Paso couples bed and breakfast"

The first ad could lead to a landing page that emphasized all of the great family activities available in and around the bed and breakfast, while the second one could talk about how great the same bed and breakfast is as a romantic getaway.

By testing out different themes like this, you can see which theme gets the most sales and focus more of your PPC dollars there!

Tips #4: Detailed tracking

If you want to get the most bang for every PPC buck you spend, then simply tracking the overall effectiveness of your campaigns won’t do. You need to track the effectiveness of every individual keyword if you want to crank every cent out of your PPC efforts!

Like I said in Step #1, you will be starting your campaign with hundreds of keywords. But not all of those keywords will be profitable. It’s your job to weed out the unprofitable ones right away.

There are four different keyword performance scenarios you will encounter:

Keywords that aren’t driving any traffic

After you’ve tested a few different ads to confirm these keywords are ineffective, get rid of them. They’re useless. Even though they’re not costing you any money, they are cluttering up your campaign.

Keywords that are driving traffic — but no sales

This is where a lot of your wasted PPC dollars go! If you find this happening to you, look at your ad and make sure your landing page relates back to the keyword. Does the landing page meet the expectation your ad creates? If yes, then get rid of the keyword. It’s only costing you money.

Keywords that are driving traffic and opt-ins — but no immediate sales

If you are a savvy marketer, chances are you have a good autoresponder sequence that builds a relationship with your subscribers and eventually converts them to sales. If this is the case, I would keep these keywords. The ROI is not immediate, but don’t worry — it will come!

In fact, if you are trying to sell a higher-ticket product through PPC without much success, your entire marketing campaign may be more effective if it’s based around driving leads to an opt-in form or squeeze page and then working up to the sale as you establish a relationship with your subscribers.

Keywords that are driving traffic and sales

Obviously these are the keywords we want to keep… but status quo is not enough! You need to track the conversion of each individual keyword. Some will convert higher than others, which will ultimately dictate how much you can bid on those keyword and still remain profitable.

In other words, if I have a top performing keyword and I am not ranking in the top 3-4 positions, I may want to spend more to increase the position, my clickthrough ratio, and sales.

So there it is! Four strategies you can apply today. If you are already doing all of these, great!

However, if you are missing just one, there is a very good chance you are missing out on sales. And you could end up throwing good money after bad! If you are just getting started with pay-per-click advertising, you can get far more detailed training in my exclusive Search Marketing Lab, which I will let you try for the next 30 days for only $2.95!

Happy "pay-per-clicking!"
Derek Gehl

10 Power-Packed Ways To Spark Your Sales

10 Power-Packed Ways To Spark Your Sales

1. Spend money on targeted advertising instead of mass media advertising. You don't want to waste your ad dollars on people who aren't interested.

2. Increase your profits by concentrating on small details. Improving small things like text size, color, or graphics can really make a positive difference.

3. Keep your offers flexible. If you offer a set price for your product, you could offer the people that can't afford it an optional payment plan.

4. Offer your knowledge or consulting as a bonus product. You could offer a free 15 or 30 minute consultation. This will add value to your product.

5. Personalize all your e-mail messages so they get read. Include the recipient's name in the subject line. This will grab peoples attention quickly.

6. Keep your web site consistent. You don't want to keep things on your web site that are unrelated to the theme of your web site.

7. Attract more subscribers to your free e-zine by giving them free bonuses like e-books, software, online services and other incentives.

8. Sell advertising space in your e-zine and on your web site. This will create an extra income stream for your business.

9. Make your web site ready for the public. Have an "About Us" page and clear descriptions of what actions you want your visitors to take.

10. Don't just start advertising everywhere, plan out your marketing. Locate places and publications that your target audience would congregate around.

10 Ways To Get New Product Ideas

10 Ways To Get New Product Ideas

1. Solve an existing problem for people. There are thousands of problems in the world. Create a product that can provide a solution to one of those problems.

2. Find out what's the current hot trend. You can find out what the new trends are by watching TV, reading magazines and surfing the net. Just create a product that's related to the current hot trend.

3. Improve a product that is already on the market. You see products at home, in ads, at stores etc. Just take a product that's already out there and improve it.

4. Create a new niche for a current product. You can set yourself apart from your competition by creating a niche. Your product could be faster, bigger, smaller, or quicker than you competitor's product.

5. Add on to an existing product. You could package your current product with other related products. For example, you could package a football with a team jersey and football cards.

6. Reincarnate an older product. Maybe you have a book that's out of print and is no longer being sold. You could change the title, design a new front cover, and bring some of the old content up to date.

7. Ask your current customers. You could contact some of your existing customers by phone or e-mail and ask them what kind of new products they would like to see on the market.

8. Combine two or more products together to create a new one. For example, you could take a brief case and add a thermos compartment inside to keep a drink hot or cold.

9. Survey the people who visit your web site. You could post a survey or questionnaire on your web site. Ask visitors what kind of products they would like to see on the market.

10. You could create a new market for your existing product. For example, if you're selling plastic bottles to a pop company, you could turn around and sell those bottles to a fruit drink company.

10 Ways To Amplify Your Orders

10 Ways To Amplify Your Orders

  1. Think of ways to get your site or business on the the news. You could sponsor a fundraiser, break a world record, hold a major event, etc.
  2. Hold a contest on your web site. Give other web sites the option of offering it to their visitors. This'll multiply your advertising all over the internet.
  3. Tell your potential customers that your ordering system is highly secure. Also, reassure them that you take every effort to protect them.
  4. Carry business cards with you wherever you go. Have your web address printed on them. You can hand them out to anyone you meet.
  5. Contact national radio stations to ask them if they are looking for guest speakers. Tell them your area of expertise; maybe they'll book you for a show.
  6. Join clubs related to your area of business. You could trade leads with other businesses. Learn new ways to run your business and sell your products.
  7. Think of a domain name for your web site that's easy to remember. If you can't find a good one left, use your actual birth name.
  8. Position your web site at the top of pay-per-click search engines. You will only pay your set amount for each clickthrough you get to your web site.
  9. Allow your visitors or customers to increase your traffic or sales. Ask them how you can improve your business, web site or product.
  10. Team-up with other e-zines that have the same target audience. Combine subscriber bases and then publish one e-zine together to increase subscribers.

10 Power Packed Ways To Boost Your Profits

10 Power Packed Ways To Boost Your Profits
  1. Take on as many of your business' chores as you can handle; outsource what you can't. Only you can determine how your business is operated.
  2. Sell a few back end products that are not related to your main product but are needed by all humans. Every customer that buys from you is human.
  3. Try out new business opportunities. You could combine them with your current business. It could add an extra profit stream to your web site.
  4. Create an alliance with 3 or 4 web sites. Include each of your ads or banners on the other web sites. You will all share targeted traffic from each other.
  5. Create a free e-zine directory. You'll attract a lot of traffic from ezine publishers and people that want to subscribe to the e-zines.
  6. When you offer a freebie from your site, submit it to free stuff sites. They provide target categories which means targeted traffic.
  7. Make your visitors curious about your product by telling them they need to sign-up to get into a password protected site to read the rest of the ad.
  8. Remember the little things about your web pages really count. Include the title of your site at the top right corner, a description about of your site, etc.
  9. When you ask someone to sign-up to receive a freebie, don't ask for really personal information. This is a fast way to lose a potential prospect.
  10. Remember newsgroups are still pretty popular. You could post your ad in ones that allow it or you can leave messages with your sig file include.

About the Author:
Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy has helped thousands of people in over 200 countries around the world start and run a successful home business.

The ways to make money online

With the advent of university top-up fees, student life doesn’t come cheap for today’s overworked undergraduates. But the power of the internet offers up a number of ingenious ways to generate some extra beer money from the comfort of your own home. Here are ten of the best.

1. Social networking

It might seem like nothing more than a pipe dream but making money as you trawl through profiles of friends, prospective and ex boyfriends and girlfriends is actually a reality. Yuwie, an upstart social networking enterprise, offers to pay its users as they increase the page impressions of their public profiles, upload photos to share and refer others to join in the fun. All of this is achieved by a proportionate payment structure that sees around half of the website’s advertising revenue – its chief source of income - distributed directly to its user base. Admittedly it’s still early days but with around half a million registrations to date and no shortage of testimonials, Yuwie looks like the real deal.

2. Blogging

There are two ways to make cash through blogging: either by earning commission from advertising banners placed alongside a blog of your own or by engaging in the (slightly dubious) practice of “sponsored” blogging. An array of third party tools is available in the case of the former option; Google’s AdSense remains one of the more popular solutions. Just establish yourself a decent blog, configure the ads and see what happens. Sponsored blogging on the other hand is an altogether more calculated affair, with specialists such as Blogitive and PayPerPost providing a platform through which companies essentially contract bloggers to post favourable content about their products in exchange for cash. Unethical, granted, though nonetheless undoubtedly fruitful for those subtle enough to get away with it.

3. Message boards

Every message board - both small-time niche operation and gargantuan general interest community alike - relies on posts from its members in order to sustain user interest. Newly-created forums are particularly dependent on regular contributions in order to encourage conversations and attract the registration of new members. This, of course, is where you come in. In exchange for a nominal fee of anywhere between £0.01 and £0.10 per post, message board administrators frequently advertise externally for “ringers” to sign up to their endeavours and get the ball rolling. Popular recruiting grounds include webmaster-talk and Digital Point.

4. Stock photography

If you’ve a keen eye for an impressive frame, or even just some half-decent camera kit at your disposal, selling pictures to any one of the plethora of stock photography agencies scattered across the web represents a sure-fire method of generating an income online. The likes of iStockPhoto and Fotolia offer budding photographers the incentive of earning potentially significant sums for their snaps on a per-download basis in exchange for their other royalty payment rights. Predictably, the most sought-after depictions are of a fairly mundane nature – think three-quarter view angles of pretty women dressed in suits – though equally inevitable is the high demand in some quarters for photographs of an altogether more risqué nature…

5. Surveys

As inglorious a means of making money online as you’re ever likely to find, completing market research surveys for cash is time-consuming, invasive and very, very dull. It also happens to be very effective. Opportunities in this field are virtually endless too, with literally thousands of research groups vying for your time and attention. Perhaps the most well known of these is YouGov, whose methodology involves obtaining responses from an invited group of internet users at prices ranging from £0.50 to £2.00 per survey completed. Registration is free and relatively painless, though if you are planning on going down this route, you would do well to create another email account solely for the purpose of survey completion – your personal details are going to be getting bandied around an awful lot.

6. Games

Believe it or not, it is possible to make money simply by playing computer games. Second Life, one of a range of so-called massively multi-player online games, allows users to both buy in-game currency called Linden dollars (a name derived from its creator, Linden Labs) and later exchange any amount amassed within the game back into real-world funds. Ailin Graef made the headlines in 2006 having claimed that her in-game avatar, Anshe Chung, had generated enough resources to allow her to be classified as a millionaire in reality. Other prospects include Moola, which claims to pay players over five million pounds for the straightforward task of winning thirty of its games in a row. Perhaps tellingly, the grand prize is yet to be claimed.

7. Freelancing

If you have a talent – be it for writing, graphic design or even programming - online freelancing will allow you to exploit it for a handsome profit. Services such as Elance and oDesk advertise outsourced remote working opportunities on behalf of thousands of companies and allow members to sign up to assignments according to their desired criteria. Naturally, there’s a catch - said services also take a cut of up to 15 per cent of your potential earnings. Depending on your skills and availability though, there is a lot of money to be made in this fashion, with the fastest-growing fields - like document translation - paying the best rates.

8. Poker

Likely the most controversial inclusion in this list, the online poker world is awash with sob stories of empty wallets and broken dreams from people of all walks of life who just didn’t know when to quit. If you feel like having a go at making some big bucks through gambling, extreme caution is urged. Quite apart from the fact that players need a fair degree of skill in the game to get anywhere, starting small is crucial – only bet what you can afford to lose with a smile. If you are skilled - and lucky - the potential rewards are vast, with some players regularly earning in excess of £1,000 per day. But, remember, the pitfalls are even greater. Texas Hold ‘Em is by far the most popular variant of the game – get some free practice via MSN Games.

9. Selling

A method as old as the internet itself, hawking wares through virtual auctions and shops provides a quick income boost for many students, enabling unwanted Christmas to be disposed of with ease. The obvious starting points are eBay and Amazon Marketplace , though classifieds websites such as Ad Trader are proving increasingly popular. Those of you looking to secure revenue on a more long-term basis will need to source in-demand products and be able to sell them at a mark-up on the price that you yourself paid. One example is “vintage” clothing – cheap clothes with retro appeal are available in abundance at charity shops and can easily be sold to other fashionable students online at a higher price.

10. Doing something crazy

Most truly spectacular success stories of making money online don’t involve any of the aforementioned routes at all. Instead, they showcase brazen opportunism that flies in the face of all logic and reason. Take Alex Tew’s MillionDollarHomepage from 2005 for instance – a website set up with the sole intention of selling pixels at one US dollar apiece to advertisers in order to fund its proprietor’s university degree. On paper it was a ludicrous concept – of course it was - but a 21 year-old Tew soon found himself a certified millionaire. So too did the founders of Doggles, an internet business devoted to selling goggles… for dogs. The point is that, just as in the “real” world, originality paired with good business acumen may potentially reap far greater rewards than any supposedly tried-and-true method of generating cash that you might care to mention. So be creative.

This article was embedded from http://www.timesonline.co.uk

Template changing

Right now this blog is under maintenance .....

Yahoo's search now available on MySearchFunds

Yahoo's search now available on MySearchFunds.
MSF more trusted by adding more feature by become partner of Yahoo (so far MSF has been cooperative with google, windows live search and ask).
(klick to enlarge picture)

Earning from MSF

My earning from MSF

Get $1,000s Worth Of One-on-One Internet Marketing

"Get $1,000s Worth Of One-on-One Internet Marketing Advice -- Just $3.27 For The Next 30 Days ONLY!"
Want to turn your floundering website into a profitable -- and RELIABLE -- online income machine?

Let the IMC team of Internet marketing experts eliminate 100% of the guesswork by walking you step-by-step through the entire process!

They'll help you find a hot product idea...

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And right now you can get 30 days of their expert advice for just $3.27!

(No, that's not a typo! You can get a full MONTH of expert website consulting for the price of a Starbucks coffee!)

To learn more, visit:


MSF (MySearchFund) Update

From March 17'th, I only got £0.011 for every search i made with MSF.
I try to calculate how much search that we must do to get the Payout amount (£20) in a month.
If the earning is £0.01/search than to accomplish £20 we must have 2000 searches a month.
So every day we must search at last 67 times.

Is that Realistic to do?

I think it's still realistic...
Ok lets say that we could searching 2 times in every minute, so we just need spent about 34 minutes to reach 67 searches each day.
But we must consider the "Fraud" factor (because of too much amount of search in a short time) that could be the reason for MSF to not calculate our searching.
So i suggest to separate your searching time.
For example:
16 searching at the morning (for 10 minutes online), 16 search at the day, 15 search at the afternoon, and 19 search at night.
30 search at the morning (for 30 minutes online) and 37 search at night.

And here i include some FAQ (Frequently Asked & Questions) for MSF and some Payment proof

Q: How does it work?
A: My Search Funds are a UK based company, and the way it works is by collecting revenue from the sponsored links in the searches you do, every search engine is the same, but only “my search funds” split the profit with you 50/50.

Q: When do I get paid?
A: 45 days after the end of the month (minimum £20), they can pay you directly into you Paypal account or by BACS straight into your bank account, or u can choose the cheque method.

Q: What do I have to do differently?
A: It is very easy to get used to, basically all you have to do is set the “my search funds” as your “homepage” on your browser, either on Internet Explorer or Firefox, and every time you want to do a search click on your home page button, and type what you want into “my search funds” search bar, after the first time you do this, it remembers the search in a drop down box, just click on the one you want and off you go, try not to go to websites through your bookmarks as you do not get paid for doing it that way, also if you do a search through Ask search results page, you don’t get paid for that either.

Q: How do I search with “my search funds”?
A: Search for what you normally would, try not to do more than 2 searches per minute, leave a few minutes between searches, try to click through on the sponsored links a couple times a day, because that it how they raise revenue, I do about 60 searches per day, spaced out through the day, “my search funds” employ highly sophisticated detection software to flag abuse of the system, so searches can be disallowed up to 45 days after you did them, if you take my advice though it shouldn’t be a problem, but trial and error is the best way to find out how it works.

Q: How to earn extra money?
A: If you refer a friend you get 10% of what they earn but the money doesn’t come from their cut of the money it comes from “my search funds” cut of the money.

Some payment proof!!! from MSF

So ...Wanna Try ?
Register here: http://www.mysearchfunds.com/banner.asp?friend=8180

Make money with Search Found

What is My Search Funds?

My Search Founds is a privately owned commercial organization called Vine On Line Limited registered in England & Wales:
Company number 5955358

Registered office Unit 1A, Wrexham Enterprise Park, Ash Road North, Wrexham Industrial Estate, Wrexham LL13 9JT

My Search Funds is a wholly owned subsidiary of a privately owned company Alpexus Ltd, a web marketing company formed in 2004.

What is the company's background?

Initially Alpexus Ltd helped charities sell items on eBay but like any good company it's services evolved by listening to and continuing to listen to, its clients' needs.

it's sister company, HomePages Friends' service had evolved into helping any 3rd sector organisation or fundraising organisation to raise money online. Vine was developed to extend these services further into the private and public sector.

Via it's relationship with Ask.com the internationally recognised search engine, and agreements with a number of other well known internet services such as eBay, it's enable fundraising organisations to obtain a share of the advertising revenue generated when these services are used via it's agreements

How much money I'll get to use My Search Found?

Up now i got £0.026 ($0.051) average for every search i made (£1 = $1.9723 at current time, feb-06-08), but there are some people got £0.06 ($0.12) for every search they made. Look at my earning after 2 days join in.

Comparison to PTC/PTR program

My Search Found
Membership : Free
Earning : $0.02 to $0.06 / search
Potential earning : unlimited/day
Earn from Referral : Yes (unlimited/day)
Payment : check

Membership : Free/$$ for upgrade
Earning : $0.001 to $ 0.02 / click
Potential earning : Depend on number of advertisement
Earn from Referral : Yes (depend on number of advertisement)
Payment : e-gold, paypal, check, etc

How to register?

Click here (http://viralurl.com/aerocash/Search-Found) and submit your data that needed by MSF

Make Money With Voxant

Have you ever hear about Voxant?

Voxant's Newsroom is the premiere online news site of Voxant's New Media Network. Voxant unlocks new markets for content providers and advertisers around the world by helping them get their news content found, played, and paid for on the millions of websites and blogs that comprise the “long tail” of the Web. Through Voxant's Newsroom and its viral syndication technology, Voxant distributes and promotes news from more than 200 credible, licensed content sources. Network affiliates include CBS, the Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press (AP), Reuters, MTV, NHL, AFP, and HowStuffWorks, as well as a variety of website publishers and bloggers.
Here is a sample of video that embedded from voxant.

Advantages for Website Publishers and Bloggers
Voxant's Newsroom provides access to hundreds of thousands of fully licensed news stories that can be published, or embedded, on your site. Embedding content from major content providers such as CBS, the Wall Street Journal, AP, and Reuters allows you to:
  • Make money via advertising revenue share.
  • Keep relevant, timely news on your site.
  • Attract more visitors to your site and keep them there.
How much you get from voxant?
You could see how much voxant pays for each 1000 impression at this table:

What about the payment system?
When you reach $50 in revenue in a given month, your payment will be paid by the end of the following month - for example, if you reach $50 in September, your payment will be processed at the end of October, and you will receive payment in November. Checks are only in U.S. currency. Please allow a couple of weeks for the delivery of your payment , as we use the regular US Mail Service.

Is there a fee to embed content?
There is no fee to embed content from Voxant's Newsroom to your site. All the content is fully licensed and supported by advertising revenue — which you share when you are a member of Voxant.

What browsers are supported?
Internet Explorer v7.0
Mozilla Firefox v2.0

Why voxant need my email address?
Voxant's Newsroom offers you free, licensed content from some of the top news providers. Your email address serves as your signature that you will not abuse this content. If you do not wish to receive communication from us, please update your preferences in your Profile. Please check the Privacy Policy for more in depth information.

How to register and add voxant content on my web?
Follow this steps:
1. Click the "embed" link on the right side of the video (at the beginning of this article)

2. Write your e-mail address then choose "i accept", and click "next"

3. Choose your layout-size (520x590 is recomended) then click "next".

4. You will see java-script code of your content, then click "copy"

5. Open notepad/wordpad and paste your code or you can use paste it directly to your web page.

6. After that register on voxant. Click the pict bellow to register on voxant (make sure that e-mail address you used on register is same with that-one you used on embedded the code).

PPP - The Advantages and Disadvantages

What is the advantages and disadvantages of Pay Per Play Program ?


  • From webmasters point of view, there will be a guaranteed income for each visit (According to their website)
  • Not too difficult to setup
  • Can make an extra income with their refferal system
  • minimum payout level is $25
  • will not affect to the layout of the website because ads dont need visual prominence
  • No Geographical limitation
  • Audio cannot be controlled therefore these adverts might disturbing.
  • Since these adverts uses audio as the medium, this might cause to distract users from your site.
  • Still new concept and new company. Lot of uncertainty.
It will launched from 1st Feb, 2008.

Would you like to Try it ......

Pay Per Play - Net Audio Ads

What is Pay Per Play(PPP)?

NetAudioAds Pay-Per-Play (PPP) is an online media channel that plays 30 second audio advertisements
like the one you just heard on websites that place the PPP code on their web pages.
Audio ads are only heard on web pages where the website owner has placed PPP code.
PPP audio ads will be contextually related to the text content (readable content) of any web page where
the PPP code is placed. The advertisement you just heard is just a sample ad.
The audio ad is only 30 seconds in length and a website visitor will only hear one 30 second advertisement
per visit to any specific web page where the PPP code has been inserted. The visitor will only hear one
audio ad for every 3 minutes they visit if they have already heard an audio ad on another page of the
same website.
Pay-Per-Play is now in huge demand by major branding advertisers all over the world. As of 12/29/2007
the Pay-Per-Play network has grown to over 6 million websites.
PPP audio ads play as soon as a visitor arrives on a web page where the PPP code is inserted. The
audio advertisement is only heard and not seen and requires no action from a website visitor.
One of the main benefits of running PPP ads on your website is the fact that you never send visitors
away from your site. This allows you the opportunity to continue to earn from your visitors.
But the biggest benefit is that website owners get paid every time their website is viewed. This is a 100%

Pay Per Play - Net Audio Ads (PPP) is set to go live on February 1st, 2008.

If you have any interest in seeing these ads on your site - now is the time to join. There is currently a 5% referral bonus to refer other webmasters as well as 5% of anyone that they refer.

I look forward to seeing this go live - I get excited every time I hear about it.

Pay Per Play was also recently written up in the Wall Street Journal in an article about bloggers earning money with their sites.

This is a free opportunity that is taking the advertising community by storm.

Its a new advertising system using audio. PPP ads ‘ Pay per play or paid per play ‘ are one of those ‘next big thing” ideas and well worth checking out. Net audio ads with voice to page and record by phone ads have teamed up for it. Get in now before the rest catch up :)



Yuwie is similar to other Social Sites. ? It doesn’t cost you anything to join. If you are on MySpace, Facebook or another, you can joinYuwie to expand your list of friends.
Yuwie is grwoing rapidly and it offers you the chance to make money. It pays members for using the site, for every action and activities they take on the site and for every action resulting from previous actions.

Tips for earning money on Yuwie.
Tip #1 - View more pages

Yuwie is activities based. Meaning, you must be very active in order to earn more. Your activities is measured by page views. More page views mean more money. Get your adds and comments up in these clubs and you will have many people viewing them.

Tip #2 - More action

Page view also equates to action. Be generous with your action. Rate your friend, give short comment, write message, view their profile and so on. On personal basis, you can create a mini blog within Yuwie, upload videos, upload photos and pictures, write interesting bio and so on.

Tip #3 - Make friends with Yuwie's world

Don't be shy. Browse other member's profile and make friend. Get to know each other. Bottom line, get acquainted. Browse your referral profile and make friend. More friends mean you have bigger chance of other people viewing your profile and Yuwie pages. All this activities performed by your friends and visitors will contribute to your earning.

Tip #4 - Make friends from other places

Make friends from other places like chat rooms and forums and invite them to your Yuwie page by giving them your Yuwie referral link. They will become your referrals and contribute to your earning. Have friends from MySpace or Friendster ? Great, invite them to your Yuwie page. After all, Yuwie, MySpace and Friendster are all a social networking sites BUT Yuwie pays it's members.

Tip #5 - Expand your Yuwie network

Yuwie practice referral scheme! And unlike many other websites that offer referral schemes, Yuwie has no level-limit set so, theoretically, you can attract thousands and even hundreds of thousand referrals, which means every active referrals will boost up your earning.

Tip #6 - Make friends and money on Yuwie

Don't ever think of solely making money from Yuwie. Make friends as well. Good and lasting friendship will help you in your money making ventures beyond Yuwie.

Tip #7 - Put up a presentable photo of yourself as your avatar

Don't use animal picture as your avatar. Don't use somebody else picture. Do not upload naked or nude photo. Put up a presentable photo of yourself at your profile. To be safe, put a smiling photo. Make sure your photo is not in angry or miserable mood. People are more comfortable looking at a natural happy face. In addition, don't put up a super size photo. It will eat up your visitor surfing bandwidth and slow down the display.

Tip #8 - Be considerate with graphics

If you are using T1 backbone or a super fast broadband connection, that's fine. But some members may have a slower internet connection. So don't put fat graphics all over your pages. It will slow down the display on the slower connection and those visitors may just give up on your page. If you want to be fanciful, put smaller images at your friends comments or message page.

Tip #9 - Club together and discussion together

Bring along your friends and join a club. Or create a new club. A club will be a familiar place for you and your friend to stick around together. Create a small discussion group to promote interaction and exchanging of tips, ideas and views.

Tip #10 - Your real view

Give a real view or a real comments. Not a superficial one-liner or one-word. People appreciate an honest and real comment.

Tip #11 - Don't share video or audio

People joining Yuwie to make friend not looking for a home made video. But if situation warrants it, just give the video or audio link to that person.

Tip #12 - Be interactive and responsible

Reply any messages and give back comments or feedback. Don't leave our visitors questions unanswered. And when you give comments, don't be rude. Be courteous and encouraging.

Tip #13 - Make a presentable Yuwie template

I've seen a few out-of-place, out-of-proportion, out-of-tone Yuwie templates. Some pages will very dim, too dark, bad contrast, big font and so on. The sights is really terrible and hurts the eyes. You don't want that to happen lest you want to drive away visitor. If your templates is well liked, share it. If you are not familiar with adjusting the template, use Yuwie default template instead.

Tip #14 - Promote Yuwie Constantly

Promote your Yuwie and submit the URL (Yuwie affiliate link) to blog or site directory. You can also promote your Yuwie URL link in forums, traffic exchanges programs, paid to click and paid to read sites.

Tip #15 - Have fun with Yuwie

Try all Yuwie features and services. Just have fun with the site. It will make you more comfortable and enjoy the practice of social networking.

9 Reason Why Join Yuwie

Here is Some of reason why You have to join in Yuwie Right now

  1. It's pays you
  2. Easy to use
  3. Get more fun with add comment, blog, pic, see comment from other friends, add song, movie, etc.
  4. You can promote your site, blog, product, and your business.
  5. You can make many club easily to make more money and promote your business.
  6. Easy to add friends here, It's has more than 348,000 member and almost of them want to add u as friends (most of them have same opinion, more friends = more money).
  7. It is not big matter if You have no referral. just add more yuwie friends (you paid base on how much people see ur page).
  8. It's Free ! yes u don't need to spend money here.
  9. You will not lost any thing.

So whatever ur business today just join yuwie and make it as your long term business.


donkeymails no minimum payouts free

DONKEYMAILS No Minimum Payouts

FREE Membership
No minimum E-gold Payout!
Low $1 Paypal and Alertpay Payout
Earn extra money playing games
High Rewarding USA/Search Country Signup Offers!
Earn Reading Our eMails
Get Paid for Clicking on ads
Get Paid for sign-ups
Complete tasks with the toolbar and earn money
Payouts through E-gold, Paypal and Alertpay
Payouts will be made weekly!
Earn extra money playing games
Get Paid To Promote $0.75 per 1,000 Credits!

5 Referral levels of commission under you
Level 1 - 5%
Level 2 - 4%
Level 3 - 3% Level 4 - 2%
Level 5 - 1%

Only 10% activity required for Referral earnings!
No minimum E-gold Payout!


Free Paid Program-PTC

This time i will tell you about Paid To Click (PTC) program. Based on it name PTC is program where person who become it member will get paid for "clicking" ads, teks link, banner, and view the advertising web for several seconds. Generally you could register as free or paid member in this program, of course there are some differencess betwen free and paid member. Compare to Free member, Paid member usually get more paid for each click they did, get more ads to click, more cash for they referal activity, and something paid member get advertising credit so they could promote their web in PTC program (to be clicked by other member). Here are some PTC program that i could give you at this time:
Clicksense ; adbux ; bux.to ; adcash ; donkey mails ; emailsPaysU ; cashmoneymails ; JilssClickcorner ; 5centminimum ; nominimum ; The other i'll post next time!

How to Promote your business site in the internet for free

There are so many ways to promote your business site in the internet. This time i'll give info about "promote your business with no cost". The purpose to promote your web is to earn as much as possible visitor to your web to increase sales or sign-up for your program/product.Here are some free tools/programs that i suggested to use:

Promote your web in Traffic Exchange
Traffic Exchange (TE) is one of most popular way to increase your site visitor today. TE is program that allow you to add several amount of your web site in its rotator and will be visited by other member. They use "credit" in their sistem, credit equal to how many hits your site will receives. You could register as free and paid member, as a member usually you have to surf other member site to earn credit or you can buy amount of credit by cash. Try to see these several TE:

Manual surf TE
Traffic swarm ; clickthru ; 24hoursTE ; Easy hits 4 u ; Route66hits ; TrafficG ; Hitcreature ; clickdragon ; clickmogul ; earning-exchange ; trumptraffic ; Purfect adclick ; adsens-click

Auto surf TE
noclicksurf ; freehitz

Promote your site in Social networking website
A social network (SN) service focuses on the building and verifying of online social networks for communities of people who share interests and activities, or who are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others, and which necessitates the use of software. Most social network services are primarily web based and provide a collection of various ways for users to interact, such as chat, messaging, email, video, voice chat, file sharing, blogging, discussion groups, and so on. chek some SN which special purpose to promote their member business and help to earn money:

yuwie : Zion5 (new !!!) ; sitewealthclub (new !!!) ; ValuePay (New !!!)
more in wiki !

Free Paid program in internet

If you would like to earn money from the internet, you must check out these several program.
it's all free to join.

emails pay u is a program that pay its member to read email and ads (0.01-0.02 $/view)
uniqpaid is program that paid its member to complete task and visit web ( 0.25-10 $ cash, depend on the task)
clixsense is program that paid its member to view ads (0-4 ads/ day for free member, $ 0.01/adsview)
bux-to is program that paid its member to view ads (10-15 ads/ day for free member, $0.01/adsview)
adbux is program that paid its member to view ads (1-4 ads/ day for free member, $0.01/adsview)
adcash is program that paid its member to view ads (0-5 ads/ day for free member, $0.01/adsview)

Another free program:
Donkey mail ; 5cent minimum ; Jillsclickcorner ; cashmoney email ; Swfht

all is free and you available to upgrade your member status to earn more money, you also earn oney from referral.
thats all for now i, will give more info in next posting

Just For Fun

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