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MSF (MySearchFund) Update

From March 17'th, I only got £0.011 for every search i made with MSF.
I try to calculate how much search that we must do to get the Payout amount (£20) in a month.
If the earning is £0.01/search than to accomplish £20 we must have 2000 searches a month.
So every day we must search at last 67 times.

Is that Realistic to do?

I think it's still realistic...
Ok lets say that we could searching 2 times in every minute, so we just need spent about 34 minutes to reach 67 searches each day.
But we must consider the "Fraud" factor (because of too much amount of search in a short time) that could be the reason for MSF to not calculate our searching.
So i suggest to separate your searching time.
For example:
16 searching at the morning (for 10 minutes online), 16 search at the day, 15 search at the afternoon, and 19 search at night.
30 search at the morning (for 30 minutes online) and 37 search at night.

And here i include some FAQ (Frequently Asked & Questions) for MSF and some Payment proof

Q: How does it work?
A: My Search Funds are a UK based company, and the way it works is by collecting revenue from the sponsored links in the searches you do, every search engine is the same, but only “my search funds” split the profit with you 50/50.

Q: When do I get paid?
A: 45 days after the end of the month (minimum £20), they can pay you directly into you Paypal account or by BACS straight into your bank account, or u can choose the cheque method.

Q: What do I have to do differently?
A: It is very easy to get used to, basically all you have to do is set the “my search funds” as your “homepage” on your browser, either on Internet Explorer or Firefox, and every time you want to do a search click on your home page button, and type what you want into “my search funds” search bar, after the first time you do this, it remembers the search in a drop down box, just click on the one you want and off you go, try not to go to websites through your bookmarks as you do not get paid for doing it that way, also if you do a search through Ask search results page, you don’t get paid for that either.

Q: How do I search with “my search funds”?
A: Search for what you normally would, try not to do more than 2 searches per minute, leave a few minutes between searches, try to click through on the sponsored links a couple times a day, because that it how they raise revenue, I do about 60 searches per day, spaced out through the day, “my search funds” employ highly sophisticated detection software to flag abuse of the system, so searches can be disallowed up to 45 days after you did them, if you take my advice though it shouldn’t be a problem, but trial and error is the best way to find out how it works.

Q: How to earn extra money?
A: If you refer a friend you get 10% of what they earn but the money doesn’t come from their cut of the money it comes from “my search funds” cut of the money.

Some payment proof!!! from MSF

So ...Wanna Try ?
Register here: http://www.mysearchfunds.com/banner.asp?friend=8180

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