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Yuwie is similar to other Social Sites. ? It doesn’t cost you anything to join. If you are on MySpace, Facebook or another, you can joinYuwie to expand your list of friends.
Yuwie is grwoing rapidly and it offers you the chance to make money. It pays members for using the site, for every action and activities they take on the site and for every action resulting from previous actions.

Tips for earning money on Yuwie.
Tip #1 - View more pages

Yuwie is activities based. Meaning, you must be very active in order to earn more. Your activities is measured by page views. More page views mean more money. Get your adds and comments up in these clubs and you will have many people viewing them.

Tip #2 - More action

Page view also equates to action. Be generous with your action. Rate your friend, give short comment, write message, view their profile and so on. On personal basis, you can create a mini blog within Yuwie, upload videos, upload photos and pictures, write interesting bio and so on.

Tip #3 - Make friends with Yuwie's world

Don't be shy. Browse other member's profile and make friend. Get to know each other. Bottom line, get acquainted. Browse your referral profile and make friend. More friends mean you have bigger chance of other people viewing your profile and Yuwie pages. All this activities performed by your friends and visitors will contribute to your earning.

Tip #4 - Make friends from other places

Make friends from other places like chat rooms and forums and invite them to your Yuwie page by giving them your Yuwie referral link. They will become your referrals and contribute to your earning. Have friends from MySpace or Friendster ? Great, invite them to your Yuwie page. After all, Yuwie, MySpace and Friendster are all a social networking sites BUT Yuwie pays it's members.

Tip #5 - Expand your Yuwie network

Yuwie practice referral scheme! And unlike many other websites that offer referral schemes, Yuwie has no level-limit set so, theoretically, you can attract thousands and even hundreds of thousand referrals, which means every active referrals will boost up your earning.

Tip #6 - Make friends and money on Yuwie

Don't ever think of solely making money from Yuwie. Make friends as well. Good and lasting friendship will help you in your money making ventures beyond Yuwie.

Tip #7 - Put up a presentable photo of yourself as your avatar

Don't use animal picture as your avatar. Don't use somebody else picture. Do not upload naked or nude photo. Put up a presentable photo of yourself at your profile. To be safe, put a smiling photo. Make sure your photo is not in angry or miserable mood. People are more comfortable looking at a natural happy face. In addition, don't put up a super size photo. It will eat up your visitor surfing bandwidth and slow down the display.

Tip #8 - Be considerate with graphics

If you are using T1 backbone or a super fast broadband connection, that's fine. But some members may have a slower internet connection. So don't put fat graphics all over your pages. It will slow down the display on the slower connection and those visitors may just give up on your page. If you want to be fanciful, put smaller images at your friends comments or message page.

Tip #9 - Club together and discussion together

Bring along your friends and join a club. Or create a new club. A club will be a familiar place for you and your friend to stick around together. Create a small discussion group to promote interaction and exchanging of tips, ideas and views.

Tip #10 - Your real view

Give a real view or a real comments. Not a superficial one-liner or one-word. People appreciate an honest and real comment.

Tip #11 - Don't share video or audio

People joining Yuwie to make friend not looking for a home made video. But if situation warrants it, just give the video or audio link to that person.

Tip #12 - Be interactive and responsible

Reply any messages and give back comments or feedback. Don't leave our visitors questions unanswered. And when you give comments, don't be rude. Be courteous and encouraging.

Tip #13 - Make a presentable Yuwie template

I've seen a few out-of-place, out-of-proportion, out-of-tone Yuwie templates. Some pages will very dim, too dark, bad contrast, big font and so on. The sights is really terrible and hurts the eyes. You don't want that to happen lest you want to drive away visitor. If your templates is well liked, share it. If you are not familiar with adjusting the template, use Yuwie default template instead.

Tip #14 - Promote Yuwie Constantly

Promote your Yuwie and submit the URL (Yuwie affiliate link) to blog or site directory. You can also promote your Yuwie URL link in forums, traffic exchanges programs, paid to click and paid to read sites.

Tip #15 - Have fun with Yuwie

Try all Yuwie features and services. Just have fun with the site. It will make you more comfortable and enjoy the practice of social networking.

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